jueves, 12 de noviembre de 2020

Aikido: Method for Flowing Movements : A Theory of Movement to Solve Dynamic Conflicts


This book presents Aikido as a theory of movement based on a fundamental principle encoded in its name: the way of harmonising energy flows. A deductive reasoning approach is applied to derive the method to solve dynamic conflicts, and its link to physics is developed. This enables the establishment of objective criteria to assess the quality of the Aikido movements.

The relationship to the Japanese sword -the katana- is investigated in detail. This allows the introduction of the Aikido-script. In this way, an Aikido technique can be written as the combination of a series of basic katana movements, which are interconnected through the dynamic centre's smooth flow path.

"If you want to know what a martial art has to do with vacuum cleaners, Voyager1, Superman rescuing Lois Lane, phantom limbs, the least action principle, the brachistochrone, abductive learning, driving a car in a garage, Dirac's belt, and many more things, then you will have to read this book."

Francisco-Shu Kitaura


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